Universal Valve Toolbox

Universal Valve Toolbox is a toolbox for easy launching some officials Valve's SDK such as Source SDK 2013 SP or MP and other games. Full list of supported games can be found here.



Mod could be changed at settings.json with ToolboxMod section. Supported mods: retail, bundle, dev.


This is default mode. Shows all avalible users games at account. Tool launched with default steam app id 480 for requesting steam api and getting info.

Bundle mode

If you want to distribute this tollbox with your game - edit settings.json and switch ToolboxMod to bundle value. And change ToolsAppId and BundleAppID for your's SteamApp of you game and sdk tools.

Dev mode

Dev mode is the same mode as bundle but local path of root of your game folder and angine name will be get from DevEnginePath and DevEngineName values. Also You should set ToolsAppId and BundleAppID for your's SteamApp of you game and sdk tools.

Supported games and SDK

appid name
1117390 Snowdrop Escape
17520 Synergy
1828210 Requiem Of Science
1840 Source Filmmaker
1950750 Kayf-Life: Complete Edition
1966980 Bestiarium Project
211 Source SDK
220 Half-Life2
224260 No More Room in Hell
240 Counter-Strike: Source
243730 Source SDK 2013 SinglePlayer
243750 Source SDK 2013 MultiPlayer
254430 Half-Life SDK
280740 Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative
280 Half-Life: Source
286080 Thinking with Time Machine
290930 Half-Life 2: Update
300 Day of Defeat: Source
320 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
340 Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
360 Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
362890 Black Mesa
380 Half-Life 2: Episode One
399120 Prospekt
4000 Garry's Mod
400 Portal
420 Half-Life 2: Episode Two
440 Team Fortress 2
447820 Day of Infamy
496450 J.A.C.K.
500 Left 4 Dead
550 Left 4 Dead 2
563560 Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
570 Dota 2
620 Portal 2
630 Alien Swarm
730 ounter-Strike: Global Offensive


Whats new

  • Fixed SteamInit on program initialization and added tries to launch Steam
  • Fixed Run project option
  • Added support for new engines
  • Added some default addons, but not linked with any engines

Whats new

  • Migrated to @Facepunch Steamworks
  • Added support for new engines
  • Code cleanup
  • Added new modes - retail, bundeled, dev

Whats new

  • SteamPathLib version bump
  • Fixed UI
  • Fixed logic

Whats new

  • lang hotfix

Whats new

  • Release Candidate